The KOGL winery lies on a gentle rise above Velika Nedelja. The fact that this hill was planted with vineyards was first mentioned as early as 1542. A winery like no other—hosting numerous cultural events in the embrace of the mighty indigenous linden tree. Only through these social events can one truly get a taste of KOGL.

We’re proud to be a part of this wonderful story where wine, art and design intertwine and where people are honest, kind and love what they do.


Vinum Peccati

Šmarnica is an indigenous vine, which was spread around Slovenia after an accident with wine diseases in the aftermath of the Therese Reforms.

Up until recently it was believed that due to methyl alcohol, drinking it in large quantities could cause blindness and mental disorders. For that reason it was banned from production up until September 2018. The effects were proven to be a myth.

We designed the label inspired by labels on old apothecary bottles. All the labels are numbered by hand and signed by Franci Cvetko, the man behind the KOGL winery.