Ubiq Audio

Ubiq Audio is a contemporary hi-end audio brand, producing audio speakers and electronics. Rather than following common trends in speaker building, the acoustics team decided to follow nature—getting as close as possible to the tonality and dynamics of live music.

It was only natural to mimic this approach when designing the MODEL ONE speaker. The visually exposed horn tweeter enables better sound quality and adds a unique character to the product. Shape of the speaker box minimizes internal reflections and makes it less resonant. All other visual elements are carefully thought-out and detailed to perfection. We worked closely with Igor Kante, a passionate, highly experienced audiophile and retailer, and the acoustic developer Miro Krajnc to form the basis for the speaker that changed the widespread notion of what was possible in this size and form.

Similar to product design, identity design follows a natural approach as well. The logotype is a visual representation of the exposed horn and all other graphic elements follow this clean, functional visual language of the product.

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ubiqaudio_MODEL-ONE_2370x2000px_black_black copy.jpg